Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025

Deloitte’s healthcare prediction for 2025: MedTech and the IoMT are crucial drivers of value-based care

MedTech companies drive the future of health, focusing on transformative technology to enhance products/services and enable 4P medicine. They also use sophisticated data analytics capabilities and work closely with end users to leverage new cognitive/robotic technologies to improve outcomes.

MedTech companies partner with consumer-focused tech companies to benefit from their experience in brand development, customer engagement and advanced analytics. Many have also become ‘Software as a Service provider, targeting preventative care at specific patient groups.

Companion diagnostics have become a crucial tool for personalising patient therapy, with MedTech playing a significant role in driving value-based health care.

Deeper insight into the clinical context. As a result, MedTech companies better understand the clinical context in which their devices are used and create VBHC solutions to deliver preventative wellness solutions.

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