Global M&A Trends in Health Industries: 2022 Mid-Year Update

1) According to PwC, innovation and attractive growth prospects in health industries create an M&A solid outlook for the remainder of 2022. M&A activity in health industries will remain high despite an unpredictable macroeconomic and sociopolitical climate.

Health industry investors seem primarily undeterred by the economic uncertainty and other headwinds, remaining focused on acquiring innovative companies that can fuel growth via new technologies and digital capabilities.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences (PLS) and healthcare services (HCS) continue to attract high levels of investor interest, and we expect this trend to continue during the second half of 2022.


2) Many organisations may find M&A increasingly out of reach to pursue on their own. Partnerships—including joint ventures (JVs) and alliances with other healthcare organisations and new entrants—may offer a promising avenue to access new capabilities, increase speed to market, and achieve capital, scale, and operational efficiencies. Read this McKinsey & Company article about avoiding five common M&A mistakes that can be key to your company's success.