Future of Medtech: Define new markets before they define you

Expansion of services and ecosystems creates opportunities to grow faster than ever before

The 2020s are bringing many opportunities for the Medtech industry to generate value and growth beyond historic industry norms. Medtech companies willing to do business in new ways and develop holistic approaches to meet their customers' needs stand to exceed industry growth forecasts and reap significant revenue rewards.

To achieve this growth, Medtech companies must move beyond the traditional playbook of incremental product improvements, narrow M&A activity and investment in sales and marketing. They must also consider the rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem and the transformational effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including supply chain disruptions, healthcare staffing shortages, shifting care settings and the rapid uptake of digital health solutions.

PwC presents three growth strategies to win in this competitive and rapidly changing environment. Each Medtech company’s path to growth can draw from any or all of these strategies. The most successful will find the right blend of the three.

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