Cardiovascular series 2/6 – SURGERY- "WHO" prioritized medical devices

World Health Organization prioritized medical devices in cardiovascular surgery

What are the “must-haves” medical devices in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery?

- See the attached snippets from a WHO 2021 study (WHO, “WHO list of priority

medical devices for the management of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes”, 2021).

Did you know that in 2015, 5 billion people do not have access to safe surgery?

What is the purpose of Cardiovascular surgery?

„to prevent, diagnose, treat, or monitor palliative cardiovascular disease“


- “Open or minimally invasive”.

What may the surgery involve?

- “Electrophysiology, endoscopy, laparoscopy, and interventional radiology”

What procedures may it cover?

- “multiple procedures ranging from anatomical restructurings – such as coronary angioplasty or grafting to unblock blood vessels – to implantation of mechanical products for cardiac resynchronization”

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Source: WHO,