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IntMeDA E-Fair 2022
About International Medical Device Distributors Accelerator

IntMeDA was founded to help small and medium sized medical device distributors to solve industry's biggest puzzles - productivity of the company, productivity of its employees and trend adaptability. To solve this, founders chose the way of leveraging the power of networking and its core aspects - cordiality, joy and energy. This, primarily, results in sharing quality product recommendations among the associates. Every network runs on energy of its members which translates into what both IntMeDA and its members are asked to dedicate to the network.

Upcoming IntMeDA E-Fair 2022

To stimulate activity and to tailor an event to IntMeDA's vision, we present a packed IntMeDA e-FAIR event that connects interesting and innovative manufacturers to IntMeDA's network. During this one to two day event, manufacturers have 12 minutes pitches followed by 8 minutes Q&A sessions where they can present their top portfolio "stars".


The next IntMeDA E-Fair will take place on
Wednesday April 27th 2022. 

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Online, using ZOOM call.

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