International Medical Device Distributors Association
About IntMeDA
International Medical Device Association - IntMeDA is connecting medical devices distributors all over the world.
IntMeDA is helping members to grow their business and provides all kinds of researches connected to medical devices industry and hints about legislative news. IntMeDA members are having the opportunity to create new relationships with other members which can lead to new business activities and to gaining new knowledge.
Members of IntMeDA have the opportunity to meet once a year in a country of the member country linked to major congresses or conferences in the field of the health sector. 
The medical devices industry is changing year after year as technology changes. Therefore, IntMeDA's focus is to immediately inform about possible changes in the medical devices industry and to help distributors work efficiently and to have the ability to deliver products based on customer needs.


  • Building trust between members

  • Engagement of all members on their projects

  • Strengthening health care through new products all around the world

  • Full respect to the rules of free competition and local legal entities

"An important part of our business is a very good orientation in newly presented products, contacts within our field and last but not least, we need to have information and knowledge about entering new markets. In all these fields can IntMeDA help all members to achieve the best results which lead to growing their business
Jiri Pavlicek - Founder
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IntMeDA Members Annual Meeting 2019

Carlos Borges - Fusao - Member