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International Medical Device Distributors Accelerator

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About IntMeDA
International Medical Device Distributors Accelerator - IntMeDA is connecting medical devices distributors all over the world.
IntMeDA is helping members to grow their business building on 3 main pillars of “Business Development”, “Regulatory” and “Compliance”. IntMeDA members have the opportunity to create new relationships with other members which lead to  sharing new business opportunities and to gaining new knowledge.

Members of IntMeDA have the opportunity to meet once a year in a country of a member linked to major congresses or conferences in the field of healthcare.

The medical devices industry is changing year after year as innovation proceeds and technology develops. That is why, IntMeDA's focus is to immediately inform about possible changes in the medical devices industry and to help distributors work efficiently and to have the ability to deliver products based on customer needs.
Pillars of IntMeDA


Business Development

Helping our associates growing their businesses through 1on1 value exchange, market-entry assistance, product and expertise knowledge sharing, and creating value-based network with full respect for  competition-free environment.


These activities are supported by regular market, evolutions & trends updates, webinars on new technology in MedTech as well as topical presentations by guest speakers.


Quality Label

Providing our associates with Quality & Compliance certification which is recognized by many leading MedTech manufacturers.


Business growth is driven by trust and quality relationships, building on this premise, IntMeDA Quality Label serves as a trustworthy guarantee when recommending a medical devices suppliers.


To back up the value of the quality label we organize regular Q&C trainings for our associates.


MDR & Regulatory

Knowing Regulatory and MDR are one of the most crucial topics related to medical devices, big part of our activities is putting emphasis on that field. We are offering our associates MDR consulting services and trainings to help them get through the MDR transition easily.


We make sure that our associates always have all the needed information thanks to our MDR updates and knowhow.

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Leadership board


Building trust between members

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Engagement of all members on their projects

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Strengthening healthcare through new products all around the world



​Full respect to the rules of free competition and local legal entities

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