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Are you a Medtech distributor
seeking to expand your portfolio?

About IntMeDA

Why IntMeDA exists

Orbiting Around Sphere
The International Medical Device Distributor Accelerator - IntMeDA was founded to help small and medium sized medical device distributors to solve industry's biggest puzzles - productivity of the company, productivity of its employees and trend adaptability. To solve this, founders chose the way of leveraging the power of networking and its core aspects - cordiality, joy and energy. This, primarily, results in sharing quality product recommendations among the associates. Every network runs on energy of its members which translates into what both IntMeDA and its members are asked to dedicate to the network.

How does it work






As we believe in IntMeDA, asking builds connections. Ask the IntMeDA Leadership board, IntMeDA members or the IntMeDA team.
Integral part of being a member of IntMeDA. Share your experience & know-how with others. Share your contacts with IntMeDA members.
Search for fellow business associates & new partnerships.
Search manufacturers and industry insights through IntMeda network.
Provide energy & support to the community.
Provide joy & companionship to IntMeDA members.
Members can share their knowledge and acquire contacts on our events, such as monthly Webinars and seasonal e-FAIRs.
Map of Members
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Where is IntMeDA


Who is IntMeDA

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Photo 11.08.2021 15 27 59.jpg

Jiri is an experienced business leader, active investor and holds several advisory roles in Czech and international companies.

His passion is value creation and expansion of human potential. He has a profound experience in the MedTech field with more than 30 years of experience. He is the active Chief Executive Officer of the Aspironix Group, a group of companies focused on medical devices, beauty products and food supplements. He is highly active in numeral of business and industry networks across the region.

Jiri is a founding member of IntMeDA and sees huge opportunity of effective networking of medical device distributors.

Jiří Pavlíček

Chairman, Founder

RM_Kreslicí plátno 1.png
RM_Kreslicí plátno 1.png

Remco has 25+ years of experience in the international medical device industry with a strong focus on orthopaedics and spine. He has been Vice President Global Sales in start-up and scale-upcompanies such as Intrinsic Therapeutics and Vexim and has managed Emerging Markets in executive positions at Wright Medical, Nuvasive and at Orthofix as Vice President Spine - Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Canada.​ He also supported international growth through board and advisory boards.


His large network of distributors around the globe combined with his cultural awareness and passions for distribution models were his drive to becoming a founding member of IntMeDA.

Remco Maljers


OW_Kreslicí plátno 1.png
OW_Kreslicí plátno 1.png

Olivier has 12+ years of experience in the healthcare industry as an experienced business leader with a special interest in strategic business expansion through innovative medical technologies. 

He has held several positions in start-up and scale up companies both from the manufacturers’ and distributors’ perspective, resulting in a broad network, knowledge & experience from strategic business & product development across multiple therapeutic areas.

This experience leads to insights in the interests of all stakeholders within our industry. Getting people connected and supporting business growth is the drive as a founding board member of IntMeDA.

Olivier Wouters


"An IntMeDA member is a forward-thinking medical device distributor who believes in the power of collaboration to drive success. They share a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and an unwavering belief in the potential of the medical device industry to improve lives."

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